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Dental Surgery

Placing dental implants must undergo a dental surgery. Our qualified oral surgeons use cutting edge technology for the best performance.  There are several reasons why people undergo a dental surgery. There are also different types of dental surgeries like cosmetic dental surgeries for correcting the misalignment of the jaws or the dental implant surgeries. 

Here is a list of some of the different dental surgeries:

Specialized surgery:
If the jaws are not aligned properly and you are undergoing orthodontic treatment then your dentist might recommend you to undergo an orthodontic surgery. This surgery is carried out by, a maxillofacial surgeon or an oral surgeon. This type of surgery is carried out by breaking the jaws and aligning them again. This can change the entire structure of the face and make your appearance different. It is not necessary that this surgery be done for cosmetic reason it can also help you improve the chewing, breathing and also speech problems.

Wisdom teeth: When the wisdom teeth get impacted in the gums you need to get the help of an oral surgeon. The wisdom teeth when impacted will try to push the other teeth making the mouth misaligned and crooked. This is especially true if the patient has undergone an orthodontic treatment. The gum needs to be cut and opened to remove the teeth. This is done under anesthesia. Once the teeth are removed the oral surgeon places stitches in the mouth. This surgery is usually performed on wisdom teeth but can also be carried out on the other teeth as well.

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